Santa AL


Santa AL is a naturally bearded, blue eyed baritone. He's six feet tall with a real tummy!

For nearly 30 years, Santa AL performed across central North Carolina, delighting children of all ages in homes, offices, churches and malls. Santa AL has since "gone emeritus" and is no longer performing for the public. 

With degrees from Pfeiffer University, Duke University, UNC-Chapel Hill, and a Ph.D. from NCSU in Psychology, Santa AL deligheted in sharing insightful conversation with people young at heart, no matter their age..

He is the past president and chief executive officer of an all-volunteer, statewide citizens' trail organization, North Carolina Rail-Trails, Inc.

Santa AL's first book, Behind Santa’s Smile - Twenty Years as Santa AL is available on where it is very highly rated. Local news outlet WRAL did a heartwarming piece on the book and its author.

Santa AL was named Best Santa in a Herald-Sun report on mall Santas in Durham and Chapel Hill for 2002.

Santa AL was named Tarheel of the Week by the News and Observer for his Rail-Trail advocacy.

Santa AL created Triangle Santa Buddies in 2003, a support organization for other professional Santas in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area. While Santa AL is no longer available for hire, dozens of qualified Santas who take pride and care in their role are featured on the web site

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